Psychology teaches we aren’t able to reason & find truth unless we are able to get rid of biases & look at things from a neutral perspective. History teaches the best answers are found not in the extremes, but usually somewhere toward the center.

My goal is to help people look at things objectively, how to look for facts & not only quickly act on emotions. To understand that we have tendencies to act on biases & that others will try to push their biases on us; to become more aware of that & look at things non-partisan. To challenge common mindsets & beliefs that may be flawed, & encourage people to think & form their own ideas critically.

The name “walking conundrum” comes from a nickname I got years ago because of many times not fitting into the box of what was expected of me. We’re all individuals & that should be celebrated. Let’s not box people in. Let’s encourage people to learn, think independently, & have discussions. It’s in those discussions where we usually find the answers we’re looking for.

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